Transdek offers a range of bespoke, quality-engineered auxiliary products and services to support its main loading bay product range and to ensure the optimal systems for each customer’s sites and operations.

All products are custom designed and manufactured to the highest of standards to withstand rugged loading bay operations. By utilising modular product designs throughout, Transdek is able to assure customers of the fastest possible install times, with minimal site disruption.

Transdek’s bespoke site modifications often make the difference between double deck operations succeeding or failing. Site modification products include:

Product Function Applications
 Modular dock tables  Extend loading docks Enables direct double deck loading beneath low canopies
 Warehouse extensions  Extend warehouse Provides additional load handling/ storage space; angled to enable vehicle access
 Wheel ramps  Level trailer Accommodates steep ramps/ uneven yard surfaces; enables direct run-through
 Wheel guides  Straighten trailer Ensures proper alignment between trailer and lift
 Dock ramps  Lower dock height Enables direct through-loading to bottom deck of double deck trailers (without dock leveller)
 Ramp infill wedges  Infill loading pits Provides extra yard area for warehouse/ store extensions – e.g. at retail sites
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