At Transdek, we think about speed a lot. We recognise the need for our customers to load their vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible – both from a cost imperative and also to meet consumer demand on-time.

That’s why we’ve come up with a range of products and initiatives to speed up the loading of double deck trailers – honing double deck loading times down to as little as 40 minutes.

We’ve designed wider, longer, reinforced lift platforms to allow efficient loading with powered pallet trucks. To minimise down-time in the loading bay, all of our double deck lifts are fitted with at-a-glance LED diagnostic displays.

And to provide direct loading on to the bottom deck of standard UK double deck trailers, we’ve incorporated a range of external, internal and in-loadhouse ramps to give a run-through from 1200mm docks to the 900mm lower UK vehicle floor.
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